Help us win £1,000 in a Charity Prize Draw

Drawing by one of our lunch club particpants

Help us help more people for more weeks to come.

Nominate us for a £1,000 prize to be won from Ecclesiastical Insurance.

The more people nominate us, the bigger our chance to get into a draw.

It takes 2 minutes to complete a simple online form, there is no need to set up an account or to register.

The BCP charity number is 1139376

Nominate us here by 24th May:

Thank you!





It’s Mental Health Awareness Week so we want to remind everyone that our free, confidential counselling service is available by phone during these difficult times. Don’t hesistate to contact us about arranging a phone session!

Free Electricity

Tips from Rainbow Money Advice

Are you a British Gas* customer?

If so, they are giving away five free days of electricity.

For more information, see this link to an article on the Mirror Money* website.

Advice about Benefits, Debt, and Budgeting (including saving energy costs) can also be obtained from Rainbow Money Advice.

Although we are still in lockdown, appointments on Tuesdays are still available, we’re just doing things a little bit differently.   To arrange a telephone call or video appointment, phone Stuart (available on Tuesdays and Thursdays) on 07981 760 399 or email

See this link for more information about Rainbow Money Advice.

*Details about British Gas and Mirror Money are provided for your information, however we are not responsible for third parties or the contents of their websites.





MMA and Counselling


MMA sessions for children are now online Monday to Friday 5pm to 5:30pm

Counselling sessions via phone are also available contact Steve for information on both 

VE Day


Celebrate VE Day with BCP and the Rainbow Centre!!

This week we are giving out a few treats so you can enjoy an afternoon tea on us