First SWITCH session + Arc event


Saturday’s event was a roaring success, we’re not sure when the Rainbow was last so busy! There was a constant stream of people coming along to enjoy free coffee and take a look around the centre.

The cafe, as ever, was open and keeping the food coming. Ben’s homemade French onion soup which is served with red Leicester crouton was exceptionally popular. If you missed out don’t worry Ben is planing a chicken and crispy bacon salad for next Saturday.

The cafe is open Monday-Saturday 8am till 4pm, pop in and try our fab Coffee.

But that wasn’t it with the Somali Family support group here in the morning and then the Albanian school in the afternoon there wasn’t a quiet moment.

Below is a picture of some of the girls from the Somali families group putting up their plans for the redesign of the ladies toilet.


And it doesn’t stop there! We also ran our first SkatePark session of the season. There was loads of people down between 2-4 and the level of riding ability has moved on since last year. If you are interested in joining us there is more information here


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