May Newsletter 2014

Arc Café

There are changes stirring in the Arc Café; a new vibrancy is spreading out into the Dollis Valley Community and there is an excitement in the air.

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have a new Chef in residence. Paul Stevens has joined us and is running the kitchen at the centre. We are looking forward to tasting his new menu that is being rolled out even as this newsletter is being written. We will be selling hot and cold food, including great breakfasts that will easily keep you going until lunchtime, after which you will be able to return to the Café for a scrumptious hot or cold meal.  You want a good cup of coffee?  There are plenty of choices and a sandwich, biscuit or cake to go with it.  Who can resist?  So, come along to the Arc Café and meet the staff and the Chef and share this new experience with us.  We look forward to seeing you!


Rainbow Centre

We are excited to report that the Centre has never been so busy with an almost full weekly schedule of courses and clubs. The centre’s regular bookings reflect the Communities diversity and really helps promote the community feel we love.  Please see the selection of the various activities in our calendar here to see the extent of work being done at the Rainbow Centre and through Barnet Community Projects.



We are always looking for volunteers at the Rainbow Centre who would be willing to give up some hours of their day/week to come and help out in various ways.  If you feel that you would like to contribute some of your time to the Rainbow Centre, please contact using the form at the bottom of this newsletter so that we can share our vision with you.  We are a Friendly group with a positive attitude towards change and growth and would love to share that with others.


Community Kitchen

Every Friday we run a Community Kitchen at the Rainbow Centre.  This is what it sounds like!  You can come and get an extremely tasty three course meal for just £1.00!!  Come along and see what this does to your taste buds – a definite temptation and not to be missed!


Building on Arts Festival

Make a note in your diaries ladies and Gentlemen!  The first ever Arts Festival is coming to Dollis Valley!  On Saturday 31 May from 10am to 5pm events will be running throughout the day at both The Rainbow Centre and the Valley Pre-School.  There are lots of exciting workshops to participate in such as: Screen Printing, Glass Painting, Junk Modelling, Open Mic, T-shirt printing and more.  Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your skills and learn a new craft.


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