London to Le Mans

Weʼre raising £1,200 to Buy 4 laptops for the Job Club and IT course at the Rainbow Centre.

I am joining with 12 other cyclists and will be cycling around 450 miles from London to Le Mans, from Saturday 17th to Wednesday 21st September.

Barnet Community Projects is working with the local community on the Dollis Valley Estate. One of the main issues we are facing is that there is high unemployment in the area. To help tackle this we are growing our Job Club and looking to continue the IT course we are running with Barnet College.

People coming to the centre and looking for work often need access to laptops and help with how to use them. Most job searches are online nowadays and applications also need to be done online. We have run a successful job club over the years and will be developing it further from September. We have raised the money needed to staff the Job Club and run it from the Rainbow centre.

So we just need laptops to be able to run these courses and sessions for people. We have 3 already and I hope to be able to raise enough to buy 4 more. The IT course is well subscribed and we often have 8 or more people in attendance.

please follow the link below if you’d like to sponsor Steve.

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