The Rainbow Centre during the Coronavirus Crisis – what’s open/what’s closed

Status WED 18 March 2020

The Centre is OPEN, but not all activities/services are running


  • Felix Project food distribution
  • FRI morning Toddler Group – open THIS WEEK to consult about the next few weeks
  • Counselling sessions
  • Rainbow Money Advice – open for PHONE/EMAIL consultation ONLY. There are no face:face meetings at the centre with Stuart, our money advisor. Contact Stuart on TUES and THUR on 07981 760 399 or

Our partners are currently running:

  • Barnet College Art Classes
  • A1 Social Care – current course is running
  • Muslim Prayer Meetings
  • Sunday Church Service

Check with these organsations/groups directly about their sessions/activities and plans for the next few weeks – they will have information sooner than we do.


  • Mixed Martial Arts Sessions – will not take place after WED 18 March
  • Thursday Takeaways
  • Junior Leaders
  • Art Against Knives’ Dollis Dolls nail bar
  • Diabetes workshops

There won’t be a full lunch club during the Easter holidays – watch out for more information shortly.


Additional cleaning is taking place and we are following other government guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus and safeguard all centre users, staff and volunteers.

All centre users and partner organisations are asked to follow these measures as well.


We aim to keep the centre open and maintain as many services as possible as we know they are more needed than ever at the moment. 

If you or someone you live with has the virus or is suspected of having it or having been exposed to it and you need our services, please contact us in advance rather than coming in. We will aim to support you – e.g. by making special arrangements for you to pick up a weekly food bag.

If you need to self-isolate and you know someone who needs support around this, contact one of the local Covid-19 Support Groups that have been set up all over the country. Find the Barnet Group on Facebook here:


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