Council Tax

Tips from Rainbow Money Advice

March sees the first signs of Spring when leaves are budding and birds are chattering.

March is also when we receive our Council Tax bills!

Did you know that you can pay your Council Tax in 12 monthly instalments?

Most of us pay Council Tax in 10 instalments from April to January, with two free months in February and March.  However, you can pay Council Tax over 12 months.

By paying over 12 months you will lose the free months.  However, you can pay a lower amount every month – and many people find that an easier way to budget.

If you want Barnet Council to spread your payments over 12 months it is best to contact them before the April instalment is due.

To contact Barnet Council:

Further information about Barnet Council’s Council Tax (including Council Tax Support, discounts and exemptions) can be found on the back of your Bill and by following this website link

Advice about Council Tax can also be obtained from Rainbow Money Advice. Phone Stuart (available on Tuesdays and Thursdays) on 07981 760 399 or email


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