Chelsea Bistro

Chelsea Bistro welcomes you for delicious, freshly prepared food at the Rainbow Centre, provided by Emanuel and his team.

Chelsea Bistro can also cater for your event at the Rainbow Centre.

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We hope to see you soon.


3 responses to “Chelsea Bistro”

  1. Rebecca Shepherd says :

    Hi i;m Rebecca and I may be starting some courses at the Rainbow Centre so would it be possible if you could serve some of the following dishes at the arc ham and cheese pannii, chips,chicken nuggets and chips,chicken strips and chips, Marconi cheese and garlic bread, cheesy garlic bread, cheesy chips. Also I have noticed there aren’t any drinks on this menu so could you provide some of the following drinks. coke,or diet coke,pepsi or diet pepsi. Fanta. sprite 7up tango, orange juice or apple juice water still or sparkling milkshakes, strawberry, banana , chocolate vanilla. All of these are very popular and will help the cafe make more money and have more costumers. And as I might be starting courses here I might get hungry so I like to see a cafe that offers a wide range of food, Thanks Rebecca
    Get back to me my details are below

    • Rainbow says :

      Hi again Rebecca,

      We don’t do milk shakes at the moment but a few people have asked so I think we will be in the future. As for the soft drinks you’ll be glad to hear we stock most of the drinks you mentioned.

      The food on offer is dependant on demand and we trial things for a while to see how popular they are, if people like them they are added to the permanent menu. I will pass your suggestions to the chef and see if he likes any of your ideas.

      Many thanks for the input.

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