Junior Leaders

Junior Leaders is a youth development programme for 13-16 year-olds on Dollis Valley Estate and surrounding area.

The programme runs all-year around with meetings during term-time and volunteering activities and a residential during the holidays.

The programme develops young people’s confidence, core life skills and sense of responsibility through workshops on topics like personal development, conflict resolution and public speaking. Sessions are interactive, with guided learning, role play, individual and team activities. Participants also gain experience of peer reflection, They get opportunities to do external training in e.g. sports coaching and first aid.

The Junior Leaders work as volunteers on our lunch club during the holidays, delivering activities and mentoring participating children.

Through the programme, participants will:

  • engage in positive activities which give them positive learning experiences and a sense of achievement and through this develop their personal capabilities
  • interact with each other in a safe environment, build positive peer relationships, and mix with a diverse group of young people from different backgrounds, and through this develop their social capabilities, including team working, peer support, conflict management
  • are supported to identify their strengths and challenges and to develop their skills and interests, and through this build their self-confidence and encourage aspiration
  • get responsibility to make decisions and opportunities to implement their own ideas at the centre which will develop their confidence in decision making and enable them to be more comfortable in social situations and formal ones, e.g. interviews and meetings.

Through this, participants develop a more positive self-image and more positive outlook for their future;  build a positive support network and are better able to manage themselves in day-to-day life, including set-backs, challenges and conflict, improving their resilience.

Sessions run every other Thursday evening from 5pm to 7pm.

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