Barnet Community Projects


Barnet Community Projects is an umbrella organisation; under which various community projects that take place in Barnet reside. We aim to partner with the projects exisiting in the local area which focus on a community need. Additionally we aim to assit others to pioneer new projects that are responding to rising needs in the area.
We adhere to the following aims and objectives:-

To come alongside local people who are seeking to establish community projects, to be an umbrella organisation for them to grow under.

To provide expertise in the areas of business planning, insurance, child protection and policy development

To encourage our associates to grow and develop, with the aim that they become independent in the long run. (Apart from our core projects which will probably remain part of us in the long run, Switch, Restore and the youth work)

Enable people within the local community to discover, use and develop their gifts and skills. To build confidence and self esteem as well as offer alternative lifestyle choices.

To build positive relationships between young people and the community; enabling opportunities that seek to encourage young people into education, training and employment.

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